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India Micromax Yu5050 exposure

India’s import and export department recently revealed Micromax Yu5050 information. Micromax is India’s largest mobile phone manufacturer. YU and introduced a new smart phone brand.

Micromax Yu5050 carried a 5.2 -inch 1080 p this kind of mobile phone screen, qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, at the same time use the 4 gb of memory, this is the first mobile phone Micromax with qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. And the machine is equipped with quick charge and 4 g networks. Expose the product sells for about $315, will be unveiled on Tuesday.

The next iPhone will be equipped with 12 million pixels lens

As the apple iPhone launch next month time approaching, the new speculation followed, a few days ago, the media for the iPhone to a new generation of products of all kinds of rumors made a summary, including appearance, processor, and color are doing are changed. And according to the latest reports BusinessInsider, iPhone 6s will be equipped with 12 million pixels rear camera.

After the iPhone 6s rumors will be equipped with 12 million pixels rear camera is not uncommon, as early as April, apple announced a complete bid for Israel Imaging technology company LinX Computational Imaging Ltd, speculation that this is for a new generation of the iPhone camera pixels to prepare. But this time, BusinessInsider claimed that had come to know this news, apple insiders and the insiders revealed more details the next iPhone, including will adopt a more sensors, and cooperate with the new special lens, this lens contains a total of five components.

A 8000000 megapixel camera, apple in recent years has been its calibration astonishingly, in the face of often being as android mobile phone of the pixel, image quality is still. Insiders said that apple apple iPhone 4s since 2010, after every iPhone is unchanged, 8 million pixels, now, the apple it was time to change.

Although the iPhone 6 have been equipped with the five elements, but the 6s lens production specifications are higher than the former, in order to better cooperate with the new 12 million pixel sensor.

Xiaomi new exposure

Xiaomi is a new product is coming. Recently, the Xiaomi rice science and technology chain enterprise China with “core scale such as art” as the subject, in the official weibo release notice. It is understood that the product will be officially released next Monday, is a smart hardware.

From the point of posters, “color” of sink fish, such as “the capacity of closed month” description should be in level deemed to imply product appearance. Combined with posters in the design and “core scale such as art”, guess this is probably Xiaomi new intelligence scale.



In addition, the Xiaomi technology also said there were “one more thing, after three days, make city life more beautiful”, is expected in the new product more than one paragraph. Below the diagram is a spherical product, and a pair of running shoes, estimation and intelligent motion.

Samsung S6 edge + registered trademark

Previously for larger version of the Galaxy there are many, the future of the S6 name now seems to have a more definite answer. A few days ago, according to the U.S. patent trademark office (USPTO), according to a new trademark application documents, Samsung has registered the “S6 edge +” trademark, screen version of the S6 seems is a foregone conclusion, of course, does not rule out the Samsung hope to the trademark protection.

The current configuration information about the so-called S6 + has been exposed, one of the most important information should be processor: S6 + will or will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, replaced by cost control qualcomm processor, S6 + price, is worth investigating.

At present, the Samsung phone have SM – G928F, SM – G928V, SM – G928A and SM – G928S etc. Multiple models was exposed, is expected to to Europe, the United States and South Korea market version.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + the official launch time, the previous message is the opportunity to launch within weeks. Have revealed that, however, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + is on sale at the end of July, while the A8 will appear in the middle of July, so if true, then that means the larger version of the Galaxy S6 will be officially launched this month.

Gigaset high-profile entered the smartphone market

UK time on June 18, the world’s largest digital cordless telephone supplier Gigaset (Germany) on announced on the Royol  Ascot, Gigaset will start from a smart phone, formally enter the mobile communication field, start from a smart phone, and then transformed into high-end intelligent quality life service provider.

Gigaset chief executive, said Charles Frankl Gigaset present first focuses on high-end smart phones, as well as in the next few years for layout and planning of the product. But specific to the product, and the specific content of corporate strategy and so on, need to wait until the end of August this year, ahead of the IFA conference will be announced. Published in the royal horse racing meeting Gigaset into the smartphone market, the news, is hope the upcoming mobile phone business will go forward like leaps of horse racing. At the same time, Charles Frankl also revealed that Gigaset in creating high quality smart phones, with a pioneer quality also committed to through the aspects such as design, technology, redefine modern mobile phone culture.

Gigaset choice in the case of the smartphone market is so competitive to enter smartphone market, instead of the smartphone market is still expanding space that judgment about, “global smartphone can sell billions each year, we believe that the market in the future have more development space”, Gigaset chief executive, said Charles, he does not believe this action was too late. Especially Gigaset will in high-end smartphones, hope that through made in Germany has always exquisite technology and high quality, as well as inherited from its predecessor of Siemens technology background to provide consumers with profound German design boutique mobile phones.

Has 160 years experience of Gigaset is well-known brands, professional communication in Germany as a international operations in the field of communications technology company, Gigaset market in about 70 countries. According to the data of the European market, on average every three families have a Gigaset digital cordless telephone, has accumulative total sales of more than 200 million units worldwide.

SanDisk introduced 128GB large-capacity U disk

Late last year, SanDisk released the Ultra Fit Series Mini U disk, their size is only as big as a fingernail, but it has a USB interface, and also talk to the mainstream U disk capacity flat.

Now, SanDisk has introduced a new generation of Ultra Fit series, the capacity expanded to 128GB, called the smallest 128GB U disk. The company said that this belongs to SanDisk Ultra Fit series of new products in the size “of less than 10 cents coins”

Specifically, the length of the Ultra Fit series are 2cm, width 1.5cm, than the usual portable Wi-Fi volume even smaller, 128GB capacity can do really is not capacity, but also supports USB 3.0, capable of storing up to 16 hours of full HD video, and provide the highest 130MB / s transfer rate.

If you think it’s only able to carry a portable document storage solution, so do not worry. SanDisk also said it can be used as extra storage on laptop or tablet, you can plug it into a notebook as an external mobile hard disk and no longer need to look around for U disk.

It is reported that, 128GB of Ultra Fit is priced at $ 119.99. In addition to on this Computex Taipei, SanDisk also sells for $ 199.99 show (in a 256GB Ultra USB 3.0 flash memory (maximum capacity of flash memory devices) and new support for USB Type-C interface portable SSD devices, at the same time The company’s latest Extreme 500 mobile SSD up to 480GB of storage space, priced at $ 239.99, while a larger Extreme 900 SSD can reach 1.92TB, priced at 999.99.

Add a new machine information exposure

Will be held on 28th of this month at the Beijing conference phone is a plus in Geekbench exposure data.

Appeared on Geekbench codenamed A2001 one plus mysterious new machine, it should be added that the rumors of a second generation. Configuration, the machine uses a Qualcomm clocked at 1.55GHz eight-core processor, model MSM8994 Snapdragon is 810, the memory is 3GB.

In addition to the aircraft it is also equipped with a 2K screen, as fingerprint recognition, ultra-narrow frame whether the rumors, we still wait until the conference verify.

Of course, one plus two generations of hydrogen OS system is also well worth the wait.

A new generation of Moto X Exposure

Recently, there have been part of the configuration information about the third generation of Moto X on the Internet burst, foreign websites STJSGadgets now have a new message.

第三代Moto X配置

Before rumors, the third generation of Moto X will use 5.2 inches 2K AMOLED screen, equipped Snapdragon 808 six-core processor, 5-megapixel front camera, built-in 4GB RAM + 32GB / 64GB ROM storage portfolio, with 3280mAh battery, running Android 5.1 .1 system.

Now, the foreign media has brought the third generation More details Moto X camera.

Message is displayed, the third generation of Moto X will be configured 16 million pixel OIS Optical Image Stabilizer lens, 4K video recording and Clear Pixel Camera camera technology. The figure also shows that the Fengyun rear camera support slow-motion video recording, you can shoot 1080p video 120FPS and 240FPS of 720p video. In addition, the alleged new generation of Moto X Clear Pixel Camera camera technology can be arranged through the panchromatic pixels technology, will enhance the brightness 2-4 times, greatly enhance the aircraft to take pictures in low light conditions the effect.

Although it is unclear the specific model Fengyun camera, but ultimately the choice is a high possibility of the Sony IMX240. As for the release date and price of the aircraft is still unknown.

Moto will take the lead in Moto X update Android5.1 system

Motorola has announced that the first generation will be the first phone to update to Moto X Android 5.1. This announcement has been posted on the website of Motorola Brazil. At least in Brazil is expected to lead to launch.

Since the first generation of Moto phone is Android 4.4.4 upgrade from version 5.1 directly, so we can experience directly to version 5.0 and version 5.1 features designed for the skin, lock screen notifications, smart lock, 64 compiler opens rapid application pairing and more.

While 5.1 system also updates the battery saving mode, limit the application running in the background, so as to achieve the purpose of extending battery life.

Top Recovery Tools

There exist a great deal of data recovery programs, both free and premium. These enable someone to recover files they own intentionally or unintentionally deleted using their devices. You can now retrieve their deleted data which range from messages, contacts, video and audio files, to even graphics. Below are some of the top recovery software that each android user should install.

dwonload download

File Recovery

It is a free android app specially developed to restore important data lost from a handset. It includes different functions including special restoration of content for lost data or complete disaster.


Ezine Recovery

This special app is proud of improvements including IBM drive recovery, harddrive data recovery, restoration of external drives data and FAT file system data recovery. This is a suitable disaster-prevention tool for virtually any android user out there.


JS Backup

This is amongst the most commonly known free tools for the user-friendly interface. The software program will be able to restore lost MMS, call history, messages, music plus much more. You can back up their data which can be then store in CSV form for quick access through Microsoft Excel.


ROM Manager

This can be a must-have app for those android users who have rooted their handsets. Backing info is accomplished by a single click and managed efficiently inside software. They have functions including installing one’s collection of ROMs from your Facts.



That is another top recover file software that may only perform on root users. One can restore a myriad of data lost, both from the internal storage or SD card. Apart from performing batch operations, data can even be safely wiped so that others might not recover your data easily. The app also enables previewing of both thumbnails and media files.


Wondershare Data Recovery

The app, though premium, restores deleted data within a single click. The process of healing takes only a few seconds. This program offers a trial version, where one should certainly choose the premium one upon expiry in the free trial.


MyJad Android File Recovery

The app is created to help one recover lost data specifically in the Files. It guarantees the safety of one’s data because scanning is read-only and the information is not altered in any way.


Gutensoft File Recovery

This is an execllent recovery app. After downloading it on your computer, all you want do is connect the telephone with all the USB cable and run the app. It will scan for lost data and recover it on your android.



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